1. Luc Desruelle

    Bravo pour ta présentation, au CLA summit de Rome, très intéressante comme toujours et merci pour cet Event Review. Tu vas avoir encore plus de travail avec ton blog! Au plaisir de te revoir.

    • Luc,
      Je suis heureux que tu as aimé la présentation. Tu as raison, le blog va prendre plus de temps, mais nous espérons qu’il y atteindre plus de gens. Beaucoup de gens ont demandé que nous avons commencé un blog, nous espérons ne pas décevoir 🙂

      Ce était génial de te revoir aussi.


      I’m glad you liked the presentation. You’re right, the blog will take more time, but we hope it will reach more people. Many people have asked that we started a blog, we hope not to disappoint 🙂

      It was great to see you too.


    • drval,

      The name of my presentation was “To Model or Not to Model” where I talked about how using models can help us clarify what the intention of the code is before we start coding. LabVIEW started being a way of transforming models directly into code, where the model itself was the code. As our applications have gotten larger and more complex, this is no longer possible. We need a model for the model. I think the holy grail would be for the model to be the code and be able to have different views of the same application. This way the model would not become another document that needs to be maintained, the model would be the code and that would be great, because code that runs is code that never lies 😉

      Chris and I also had the opportunity to do a demonstration of our DQMH toolkit (the Delacor Queued Message Handler). We are working on this toolkit and it will be released later on this year… more details to come later 😉

      Thanks for reading,

  2. A really nice review for a great event Fab, I can really hear your voice in your writing (which is a bonus).
    Hope you enjoy blogging (I think it’s a great medium for technical publishing)
    Love Steve

  3. Richard Thomas

    Great blog Fab! Really enjoyed your presentation, you’re so good at making us all stop, see a bigger picture, and think about improving ourselves. So a big thank you to you for what you do for us all!

  4. CRoebuck

    Only by attending a CLA Summit do you give yourself an opportunity to be photo-bombed by Jim Kring whilst talking to Jeff Kodosky…..priceless. I recommend attending the CLA Summit unreservedly.


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