1. Hi Fab,
    you mentioned in the ‘Hg setup for LabVIEW’ video being able to save the password. Do you do this using the ‘Keyring’ extension to Tortoise Hg? Do you have an example of what I need to do?

  2. Ajay

    Hi Fab,

    I’m being an SVN user so far, I got used to SVN-lock mechanism for preventing other developer to disturb my code. Else, in LV environment it would be very difficult to merge the VIs modified by multiple developer. How do you handle such situation in Git? Due to distributed source control and each developer has their own repo, there are more chances developers will work in same VIs and need of more merge actions in LV.


    • MrBean

      So what is your point? The purpose of having distributed SCM is such that each develop/subteam have their own flexibility at handling the code. Of course merging the changes back to Master needs to be handled gracefully as with any other SCM.

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