1. Brilliant article :-))

    What I didn’t know until recently: The hashtag doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the comment, and you can have as many hashtags as you want within one comment.

    Great tip about the shell VIs, didn’t know that was what they’re called!

    • CRoebuck

      Sshhhhhhh don’t “spill the beans” on my next article – Multiple hashtags in one free label and possible uses of that!

      Glad you enjoyed it. So I only realised they were called Shell VIs when my Google Search for Merge VIs gave an unexpected answer!

      I guess they changed them at some point. I love them no matter what they’re called.

  2. Ben D

    Just found your website this morning and I feel like I unearthed a treasure chest. I didn’t know bookmarks were a thing in LabVIEW! In one of your videos I see you were using a bookmarks addon by Greylock Technology. I can’t find that using VIPM, here did you get the addon?

    • CRoebuck

      Hi Ben,

      I created that add-on myself, I’m actually just in the process of uploading the VIPM as an attachment to the post so be sure to check back soon. This might take a little while as I’m currently on hotel wi-fi 🙁

      Thanks for stopping by, there are more posts coming along similar lines!

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